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This software has been specifically written for businesses in the auto trade running workshops and/or parts counter. Although it can be used in many other similar trades. The basic features are:

  • Book in services/tests
  • Schedule vehicle/equipment collections and deliveries
  • Plan service schedules
  • Service/test reminders
  • Book parts out to a job or customer
  • Order parts for a job or customer
  • Generate customer invoices based on service and parts used
  • Handles multiple payment types
  • Save sales invoices to work on later
  • Automatically posts invoices into accounts system
  • Every service and test is recorded against the vehicle/equipment
  • Record lost parts sales
  • Analysis reports for workshops, mechanics, service types, and more
  • Specify one or more workshops
  • Specify vehicle/equipment types
  • Can be used will receipt printers and cash drawers
  • Can also be used with bar code scanners
  • End of day cash up function

And, of course, it integrates seamlessly with Adminsoft Accounts, which provides a huge range of functions for handling accounts and inventory control.

As mentioned above, it doesn't just work for cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks, it'll also work for all sorts of mechanical and electrical equipment, plumbing, building, for over the counter sales and servicing/job handling.

We recognize that every business is different. The only way to know whether AutoManager will suit your business is to download a copy of Adminsoft Accounts and try it out. There is no separate download for AutoManager, it's built into Adminsoft Accounts as a user selectable module. Many current users are operating AutoManager in a broad range of different industries.

The software can run on a single PC, or several over a network. So you could, for example, have one or more PC's acting as Point of Sale units connected to a back office PC for handling accounts and inventory.

If you have any questions, please email

Screen shot showing the AutoManager menu

Screen shot showing AutoManager Parts Counter

Screen shot showing AutoManager Parts Invoice

Screen shot showing AutoManager Service Counter

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2024-03-28 Thursday: Adminsoft Accounts has been completely free to use since December 2006. In recent years the new Sales Prospecting and Sales Order Processing modules have not been available (in theory…) to those using the software for free ... more
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