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Business Partners Required

Do you want your business to benefit by offering support and training to users of Adminsoft Accounts? Would you like to resell the package?

With nearly 15,000 unique visitors and over 85,000 page impressions each month, and a total of over 185,000 downloads of Adminsoft Accounts. and growing, is a busy web site.

Adminsoft Accounts has thousands of users across the world. But we do not offer training, installation/setup services, on-site support, or telephone support. Adminsoft is far too small to offer these services itself on a global scale. Yet many users really need these services.

The solution is a network of independent Business Partners who have the right experience to offer what users of Adminsoft Accounts want. As a Business Partner, you choose which services you want to provide, how you provide them, and how much you charge.

We are building a global network of Business Partners, who can offer one or more of the following support services to users of Adminsoft Accounts:

At least one of the above services needs to be offered, the general services below are optional:

How you structure the services you offer, and what you charge are entirely down to you.

The way it works is simple, fill in the form below to apply to become a Business Partner. If accepted, Adminsoft places the details provided on our web site in a special support section. There will be several links to this section in the web site, as well as in the accounts software itself. Business Partners will be listed by country, there will be one page for each country. As Adminsoft is primarily interested in providing a service for users of the software, this is offered for FREE!

Also, as a Business Partner you would be able to purchase Adminsoft Accounts at a big discount, in order to sell on to your customers.

Becoming an Adminsoft Business Partner costs you nothing, all we require in return is a link to Adminsoft Accounts on the home page of your web site, or on a page that is directly linked to your home page.

Unfortunately, not all applications are accepted. We may decline your application if your business appears not to be involved in accounting/bookkeeping/training and/or computer support services or we if we have too many applications or existing Business Partners within one geographical area.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us:

Business Partner application form
Business Name:
Contact Name:
(contact name will not published)
Contact Email:
(contact email will not published)
Postal address:
Telephone Number:
Email address:
(general address for customer sales/support)
Web address:
Web page containing the link to Adminsoft:
Services available:
Upload logo or picture:

Please make sure ALL input fields are completed before submitting your application. Incomplete applications will be discarded. The link to Adminsoft should be to Click HERE for some examples you can copy and paste into your web site.

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