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Cafe/Shop Manager

Cafe/Shop Manager

This software has been specifically written for business operating primarily as café's or restaurants, but also handles bar and shop sales. The basic features are:

  • Sell items at the counter quickly and easily
  • Open up multiple tabs for customers at tables/bar
  • Can automatically logout itself out if not used for a given period
  • Handles multiple payment types
  • Handles gift vouchers
  • Process refunds
  • Can be used will receipt printers and cash drawers
  • Can also be used with bar code scanners
  • End of day cash up function
  • Automatically posts sales into accounts system

And, of course, it integrates seamlessly with Adminsoft Accounts which offers a huge range of functions for controlling accounts and inventory.

The software can run on a single PC, or several over a network. So you could, for example, have one or more PC's acting as Point of Sale units connected to a back office PC for handling accounts and inventory.

Our software will run on just about any PC, no matter how old, providing it is running Windows. From Windows 98 through to the latest version Windows 10. It can run in as little as 256mb of RAM, and 100mb of hard disk space! In other words, whatever PC's you've got, they'll probably do the job.

We recognize that every business is different. The only way to know whether Cafe/Shop Manager will suit your business is to download a copy and try it out.

Also, installing our software doesn't mess anything else up! It installs in it's own folder, does not overwrite any of your existing DLL files or muck about with your registry. So it will not interfere with any of your existing applications.

If you have any questions, please email

Screen shot showing the Shop/Cafe Manager menu

Screen shot showing Shop/Cafe Manager sales Counter

Screen shot showing Shop/Cafe Manager list of tabs

Screen shot showing Shop/Cafe Manager item details

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