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Exchange Document Layouts with Other Users

Please browse the sections linked to below to locate any document layouts (both print and HTML) that may be of interest to you. Unfortunately, you can't see what they look like, you can only go by the description written by the user who uploaded the document layout. So you may need to download a few before finding one that suites your needs.

There seems to be an issue with the Firefox browser at the moment, as it will no longer download the document files. However Chrome and IE work fine.

Customer Sales Invoices/Credit Notes   Print   HTML
Customer Account Statements Print HTML
Customer Delivery Notes Print HTML
Customer Sales Advice Notes Print HTML
Customer Proforma Invoices Print HTML
Customer Estimates (Quotes) Print HTML
Customer Receipt for Payments Print HTML
Supplier Remittance Advices Print HTML
Supplier Debit Notes Print HTML
Stock/Inventory Delivery Notes Print HTML
Purchase Orders Print HTML

When a document layout has been downloaded, click on 'Setup' on your top menu bar in Adminsoft Accounts, go down to 'System', and select 'Import/Export Document Layouts'. In the 'Import Document Layout' section, locate the file you have just downloaded by clicking on the 'F' button. Once located, you can click the 'Import Layout File' button to import the layout.

Any user of Adminsoft Accounts can share a document layout with other users by uploading it to this web site. To do this, click on 'Setup' on your top menu bar in Adminsoft Accounts, go down to 'System', and select 'Upload Document Layouts to Web Site'. Just follow the instructions in there, it's quite straight forward, and there's a 'Help' button to explain things.

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