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On-line Accounting: Which way to go?

It can be a tough decision whether to use a PC based accounting system or an on-line accounting system. Obviously, on-line accounting is trendy, much hyped, and so it takes all the publicity. No business or software magazine, print or on-line, really wants to talk about PC based applications. But there's a problem. Actually, there's quite a few problems, and frequently all those people that bleat on about 'on-line' are happy to gloss over them. As a business owner/manager, I'm sure you'll want to form your own opinion.

Here I've presented the advantages and disadvantages of on-line accounting. I'll be the first to admit I may be biased! After all, I'm distributing a PC based application. But I've tried to be reasonably balanced. I'm not some sort of on-line Ludite. I think the internet is a fantastic development, with a HUGE future. After all, I couldn't distribute Adminsoft Accounts without it. All the points I cover below you'll find on other web sites enlightened enough to discuss the issues.

On-line accounting advantages:

On-line accounting disadvantages:

If you're a big fan of on-line applications, you might find some of this uncomfortable. But it's the background to a connected world. For all the great many advantages the internet brings, it also bring some problems. There are things you should and shouldn't do on the internet. I think businesses critical applications like accounting is one of the things most businesses/organizations shouldn't be doing on-line.

Is on-line accounting the right choice?

On-line accounting background
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