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Support is offered world wide

Telephone support, on-site support, and training

Below is a list of our business partners who should be able to assist you with telephone support, on-site support, training, installation, etc.

Please be aware, these are independent businesses, and are not connected to Adminsoft Ltd. in any way. Their presence here is not a recommendation or endorsement by Adminsoft Ltd. They will charge you for their services.

Opensource Solutions Philippines Corp.

Unit 702 Linden Suite
San Miguel Avenue
Ortigas Center
Pasig City
Available services:Installation and Setting up
On-Site Training
On-Site Support
Telephone Support
Accounting Services

ServeMate Enterprise Support

005 Molave Rd, DMS
Brgy Tubod
Iligan City
Available services:Installation and Setting up

If you are an experienced user of Adminsoft Accounts and offer training and/or accounting/bookkeeping services and wish to be included in this list, please submit your details here.

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