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Software Changes Log (archived)

v4.134 12th December 2015

v4.133 27th November 2015

v4.132 23rd November 2015

v4.131 9th November 2015

v4.129 5th September 2015

v4.127 27th July 2015

v4.126 17th July 2015

v4.124 11th May 2015

v4.122 12th March 2015

v4.121 16th February 2015

v4.120 2nd February 2015

v4.118 6th January 2015

v4.117 21st November 2014

v4.116 17th October 2014

v4.115 7th October 2014

v4.112 2nd September 2014

v4.109 24th July 2014

v4.108 10th July 2014

v4.107 5th July 2014

v4.106 26th June 2014

v4.104 2nd June 2014

v4.104 2nd June 2014

v4.102 22nd May 2014

v4.101 20th May 2014

v4.100 12th May 2014

v4.094 4th April 2014

v4.092 1st April 2014

v4.090 22nd March 2014

v4.089 17th March 2014

v4.088 3rd March 2014

v4.085 8th February 2014

v4.084 5th February 2014

v4.082 9th January 2014

v4.081 8th January 2014

v4.080 28th December 2013

v4.079 27th December 2013

v4.077 20th December 2013

v4.075 16th November 2013

v4.073 25th September 2013

v4.071 31st August 2013

v4.069 12th August 2013

v4.068 26th July 2013

v4.067 12th June 2013

v4.065 20th May 2013

v4.063 2nd May 2013

v4.062 23rd April 2013

v4.061 15th April 2013

v4.060 29th March 2013

v4.059 27th March 2013

v4.058 2nd March 2013

v4.057 4th February 2013

v4.055 23rd January 2013

v4.052 8th January 2013

v4.050 22nd December 2012

v4.047 29th October 2012

v4.046 27th October 2012

v4.045 2nd October 2012

v4.043 22nd August 2012

v4.041 27th July 2012

v4.040 1st July 2012

v4.036 12th May 2012

v4.035 19th April 2012

v4.034 9th April 2012

v4.033 21st March 2012

v4.032 1st March 2012

v4.031 7th February 2012

v4.030 28th January 2012

v4.029 21st January 2012

v4.028 19th January 2012

v4.027 12th January 2012

Please note: if your software is v4.024 and older, and you update to v4.027 or later and you have edited any of the print or HTML layouts, you may need to replace some of the data fields after you have updated the software. This mainly affects invoices, estimates, and purchase orders, and is due to the change in sales tax/VAT.

v4.024 5th November 2011

v4.021 15th October 2011

v4.020 8th October 2011

v4.019 7th September 2011

v4.018 29th August 2011

v4.017 20th August 2011

v4.016 12th August 2011

v4.015 2nd August 2011

v4.014 22nd July 2011

v4.012 12th July 2011

v4.011 11th July 2011

v4.010 25th June 2011

v4.009 18th June 2011

v4.006 18th April 2011

v4.005 9th April 2011

v4.004 4th April 2011

v4.003 28th March 2011

v4.002 28th March 2011

v4.001 23rd March 2011

v4.000 19th March 2011

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