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Our software has been certified by numerous independent organizations (some are listed on the right hand side) as being virus, spyware, and adware free.  It installs cleanly, in that it will not do anything to upset any existing software you may have on your machine. You can download and try it out in complete confidence.

Over 400,000 downloads so far!

DOWNLOAD    (v4.276 12th May 2024)

Some anti-virus products may report that the software could harm your computer, or contain a virus or spyware, etc. They are termed 'false positives', and are unfortunately common with software from small software companies such as Adminsoft (though most anti-virus products are a lot better now than they used to be). The digital certificate is up to date, and created (by K SOFTWARE) using the algorithm SHA-384RSA, in accordance with Microsoft requirements. If your anti-virus product displays any warning messages, please report this to the supplier of your anti-virus software.

The download is around 34mb, which for such a comprehensive accounting system is impressively small. Many other accounting software downloads are far bigger, and the software you end up with does far less! We have seen some download sizes well over 300mb! Staggering. If you have a reasonable broadband connection, unless you catch the server at a busy time, our software will usually download in a few seconds.

The software will run as Freeware, which is free accounts software! This provides you with a fully functional highly featured free accounts system. With no time out. If you have an older version of the software on your computer, you can download the current version from the above link and it will automatically update your software.

Once downloaded, open AdminsoftAccounts4276.exe to install (if possible right click on it and select 'Run as administrator'). This is a self extracting file, containing all the files needed for installation. If your computer won't run this file, and/or claims it is invalid (old versions of Windows sometimes don't know what to do with the digital certificate), please download the ZIP version instead (this file and the files it contains do not carry a digital certificate).

When you run the accounts system for the first time, it will automatically log you in as the user 'FIRST', and there is no password. We suggest you add new users and passwords and remove the user ID 'FIRST' as soon as possible, and instruct the system to force users to login.  If you experience any difficulties in installing or running our software, please consult the Support section of this website, or email

IMPORTANT: Please read the software license details before using our software. (will open in a new browser)

The following guides (PDF files) are included with the download, but if you want to take a peek before downloading or installing our software, you're more than welcome:

Installing Adminsoft Accounts

The Installation Guide
Setting up Adminsoft Accounts

The Set Up Guide
(United Kingdom)

The Set Up Guide
(USA and rest of world)
Starting to use Adminsoft Accounts Getting Started
(United Kingdom)

Getting Started
(USA and rest of world)
Adminsoft Accounts antivirus report at 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia Awarded 4 stars by Windows 11 DOWNLOADS Certified 100% clean by Windows 11 DOWNLOADS Adminsoft Accounts is 100% clean Adminsoft Accounts Windows 8 compatible Adminsoft Accounts is Windows 10 compatible Adminsoft Accounts Download82 Editors Pick Free Software Download - Top 4 Download Adminsoft Accounts listed on BestVistaDownloads Adminsoft Accounts listed on X 64-bit Download Adminsoft Accounts rated Very Good on FindMySoft Adminsoft Accounts tested 100% clean by Adminsoft Accounts awarded 5 Stars on Editors pick: Adminsoft Accounts tested 100% clean on Adminsoft Accounts is 100% clean Adminsoft Accounts, editors 5 star review Best Software 4 Download Adminsoft Accounts has been reviewed and awarded 4 out of 5 stars Adminsoft Accounts has been reviewed and awarded Editors Choice award Adminsoft Accounts has been reviewed and awarded five stars at FileCroco Logo
The crowd rates us 4.5 out of 5.0

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2024-03-28 Thursday: Adminsoft Accounts has been completely free to use since December 2006. In recent years the new Sales Prospecting and Sales Order Processing modules have not been available (in theory…) to those using the software for free ... more
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