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Should you require any assistance or support please look through the Frequently Asked Questions section. This answers the most common questions. If the information you require is not there, send an email to

NOTE: Please do not email support from a HOTMAIL.COM or OUTLOOK.COM email account. When we try to reply, our emails are often bounced by their servers.

Basic guide for those who know nothing about bookkeeping and accounting.

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows 11:

Our software runs on any PC version of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 onwards, up to and including Windows 11. in 32 bit or 64 bit. See 'Frequently Asked Questions' (below) for more information.

Telephone support, on-site support, and training:

Global Support Network

On-line support:

Download New Document Layouts

Download Chart of Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions regarding the installation and operation of the software:

General Questions

Installation Questions


Accounts Receivable / Sales Ledger

Sales Invoices

Accounts Payable / Purchase Ledger

General Ledger / Nominal Ledger

Inventory / Stock Control

Payroll, RTI, and set up for tax & NI bands

Previous Software Versions

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Using Adminsoft Accounts book by Michael Towle

Free Accounting with Free Software book based on Adminsoft Accounts by Yogesh Patel

See some tutorials created by David Hopcroft here: Adminsoft Accounts tutorials on YouTube
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2023-01-01 Sunday: Energy is a really big issue for most of us right now, and yet that is solvable, and should never have even become an issue. What was Germany thinking as it made itself so heavily reliant on Russian Gas? Apart from the fact it was handing ...... more
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