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We give away the accounts software, and rely on advertising for a little revenue. But if you'd rather not see the adverts, and/or you would rather your customers and suppliers did not see our web address on your documents and emails, then you can purchase a Software Registration Key here.

If you want to use the modules AutoManager or Shop/Cafe Manager, they are downloaded as part of the accounts system. You simply need to activate the module in your company/organization details.

Many users just require 'Single User'. But if you will be using the software on a network, you need to select the maximum number of users you think may use the software at any one time.

To purchase the required product, simply click on the relevant price below. This will take you through to the Express Checkout. Prices are in United States Dollars ($) and Great Britain Pounds (£). There is no sales tax or VAT to be added. We are a small company operating out of the United Kingdom, and our sales are currently tax free.

Adminsoft Accounts Only

Single User £199 $259
Three User £369 $479
Six User £539 $699
Ten User £709 $919

Adminsoft Accounts with AutoManager

Single User £249 $319
Three User £459 $599
Six User £669 $899
Ten User £879 $1,139

Adminsoft Accounts with Shop/Cafe Manager

Single User £229 $299
Three User £419 $549
Six User £609 $789
Ten User £799 $1,029

Once your payment has been processed, a Software Registration Key will be emailed to you. Please note, we try to do this within 24 hours, but currently this is not an automatic process and sometimes it can take several days. The email will contain simple instructions on how to enter the Software Registration Key into your copy of Adminsoft Accounts. Please note, this does not affect any data you have entered into the system. All your accounts and transactions already entered into the system will remain.

There is only one product to download, Adminsoft Accounts. This can operate as single or multi-user, and incorporates the AutoManager and Shop/Cafe Manager modules should you wish to use either of them. If you have not already done so, please download a copy of the software now.

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Free Accounting with Free Software book by Yogesh Patel

Users of Adminsoft Accounts are happy users!
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