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Stock Control

This can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like.   Operate it as a simple price list, or operate it with controlled stock levels, a range of sales and purchase discounts, manufacturers, suppliers, associated items, alternative items, superseded part codes, reserved stock, quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, kits, and special prices.

Stock control isn't easy.  Lets not kid ourselves.  Its one of those things that people who don't do it assume there's nothing to it!  To those of us who have to maintain stock levels, prices, costs, etc, whether its a 1,000 lines or 100,000 lines, its hard!   Keeping it all up to date, knowing which items to re-order and which not to, and keeping stock quantities accurate all add the the big headache that is stock control.   We can't claim that our system will take away all the stress, because it won't.  What it does do, is provide you with the tools you need to help you do the job.

This stock control system hasn't been designed by accountants, its been designed by people who operate stock control on a daily basis.   Real people tackling real stock control problems. 

Purchase Order Processing

This allows you to raise purchase orders manually, or raise them automatically and then amend if necessary before printing out and saving the order. A Purchase Order can be part received, and then closed or left open for items remaining on back order.

Purchase Order layouts are fully customizable.

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