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Screen shot showing CIS sub-contractor details

Screen shot showing CIS sub-contractor verification

Screen shot showing CIS Return

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Whether you operate as a contractor or sub-contractor, all the facilities you are likely to need are there.

As a sub-contractor:

You can set a default CIS deduction on each customer account. As some accounts may not be subject to CIS, while others may require a 0%, 20% or 30% deduction. This deduction is then automatically generated when you create a sales invoice, though it can be edited.

As a contractor:

Things are a little more complicated, but everything you need is right here. You can set a deduction rate for each of your sub-contractors, either manually or by using the built in CIS verification facility. You can keep track of your sub-contractors, how much has been deducted from each invoice (which is done automatically based on the labour charge, but the amount can be edited), and file CIS Returns to HMRC directly from within Adminsoft Accounts.

For full details, you can download the free user guide from here, or click on the User Guide button at the top of this page.

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