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Human Resources

We all have to keep records of employees, whether we employ one or one hundred. This option allows you record the employees name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, next of kin, etc. It can also record any letters, faxes or emails sent or received in relation to the employee. There is a diary for recording events, such as meetings, performance reviews, pay reviews, disciplinary, and so on. It can also record absence, and allow holidays to be booked. There is a planner, that allows you to see at a glance any holidays booked or absence over any three month period. A report is available to analyse absence and holidays for all staff over for any given period.


There are two payrolls. One has been designed for operation in a wide range countries, where the payroll requirements are modest. It may or may not work in your country, depending on your tax/deduction requirements. Please download the free payroll user guide in the User Guide section for full details of what it can do.

The second payroll was developed specifically for the United Kingdom. It can submit information to HMRC using RTI, and we believe at this time, it's the only free payroll that will allow in excess of 10 employees. The maximum is 250 employees. However, Adminsoft Accounts is primarily an accounts system, and so the payroll is basic. While very useable, and fully compliant with payroll legislation, it does not have some of the 'bells ad whistles' that some of the paid for (and rather expensive) alternative products may have. For example, things like the amount of SSP, SMP, student loans, etc. have to be worked out manually, where as a more sophisticated payroll would work out the amounts automatically. But I don't want to talk you out of using it! In reality, when running a small payroll, working out the odd SSP payment or what ever is not really an issue. Especially when it's saving you SO MUCH money by not having to purchase one of the alternatives!

For more information on Real Time Information (RTI) reporting, please click here.

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