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Accounts the old fashioned way

List of Main Features

Customer Details Supplier Details Stock Details Nominal/General Ledger Personnel/Human Resources Making Tax Digital - UK Only

HMRC in the United Kingdom are very busy making it as easy and convenient as possible to submit information to them. The submission of paper based forms is being phased out, in fact many are now on-line only. You have to login to HMRC's web portal to submit things such as your VAT return. But, more than this, they have been introducing facilities to allow software developers, such as Adminsoft, to submit data directly to HMRC from within the accounts system. Without the user having to login to HMRC's web portal. In time, many of the facilities for submitting information on HMRC's web portal will themselves be phased out. This is the crux of MTD (Making Tax Digital). At some point in the early 2020's, you will only be able to run a business if you use an accounting system that can send your information directly to HMRC. Adminsoft intend to ensure Adminsoft Accounts will fulfill this role. It currently supports RTI (payroll), VAT100, EC Sales List, CIS Returns, and CIS sub-contractor verification. More options for sending data will be added as and when necessary, so Adminsoft Accounts can continue to be used in the United Kingdom far into the future.


There are two payrolls. One that is designed to be flexible enough to operate in a wide range of countries, and the other is designed for use specifically in the United Kingdom. For those users based in the United Kingdom, please be aware the payroll does support RTI and Scottish tax codes. For further information on RTI please click HMRC and Real Time Information. Detailed information on both payrolls can be found in the User Guide section.

Miscellaneous Features:

Two levels of functionality are available: Level 1 Basic Functionality for those who are not familiar with accounts or computerized accounting, or just have modest requirements. This will show only the main options a user is likely to require, and display uncomplicated forms with limited detail. Level 2 Advanced Functionality for those more experienced users who want take advantage of the many features offered by the the accounts system, will show all available options, and more comprehensive forms, often with considerable detail.

User customizable accounting terms.

User customizable printed documents, you have full control over the layout of invoices, credit notes, statements, remittance advices, purchase orders, etc.

User customizable HTML documents, you have full control over the layout of invoices, credit notes, statements, remittance advices, purchase orders, etc. that are sent via email.

Wide range of reports and graphs.

Most reports can be exported directly into Microsoft Word and Excel, and Open Office Calc and Write.

Selection of utilities, including calendar, loan repayment calculator, etc.

Range of payment types for sales and purchases.

Users may be set up for full or limited access.

Up to 100 Sales tax/VAT Codes, and four rates for each code.

Import Customers and Suppliers from Sage Line 50.

Can be customized to import data from a range of different file formats.

Email and web enabled.

Specific to the United Kingdom

EC Intrastat reporting for arrivals and despatches.

EC Sales List, including submission of the EC Sales List to HMRC directly from Adminsoft Accounts.

VAT 100, including submission of VAT data to HMRC directly from Adminsoft Accounts.

CIS, including submission of CIS Return and NI verification to HMRC directly from Adminsoft Accounts.

Payroll, including the various RTI options for submission of data to HMRC directly from Adminsoft Accounts.

Hardware and Operating Systems

The current Adminsoft Accounts v4 will run on just about any PC, providing it is running Windows. From Windows 98 through to the latest version Windows 10. The older Adminsoft Accounts v3 (which is still available) will also run in Windows 95 and NT4.0 It can run in as little as 64mb of RAM, and 128mb of hard disk space! In other words, whatever PC you've got, it'll probably do the job.

It will also run on Apple Mac, Linux, and Solaris, using Windows emulation software.

Installing our software doesn't mess anything up on your PC. It installs in its own folder, does not overwrite any of your existing DLL files or leave anything in your registry. So it will not interfere with any of your existing applications. It also means it can be run directly off storage media such as USB memory sticks without installation. Plug it into just about any PC running Windows and it will run. No fuss. Making the system highly portable.

Note for software developers:

The accounts software has been developed using Microsoft Visual FoxPro v9. This means all data files are industry standard .DBF files. We have used the standard 10 character field name width, and all data and index file names are 8.3 format. Documentation describing all database file structures is available for purchase.

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