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In the United Kingdom. From 1st April 2022 all VAT registered business regardless of turnover have to use software that is MTD compliant to file their VAT returns. Adminsoft Accounts is MTD compliant for VAT.  Please click here for further details. MTD for Self Assessment has now been kicked back by HMRC to April 2026 at the earliest.

For software that works not just in the United Kingdom, but most countries across the world:

What users say about Adminsoft Accounts What people have been saying about Adminsoft Accounts

The book on accounting and bookkeeping based on Adminsoft Accounts The book on accounting and bookkeeping based on Adminsoft Accounts called 'Free Accounting with Free Software', written by Yogesh Patel.

Compare PC accounting with on-line accounting PC based accounting or on-line accounting?

All you need to run your business....

Customer accounts, invoicing, statements Customers, Invoicing, Statements, Estimates

Supplier accounts, invoices, remittances, and payments Suppliers, Payments, Remittance Advices

Stock control and Purchase Order Procesing Stock Control & Purchase Ordering Processing

General Ledger, Nominal Ledger, profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Budgeting

HR and Payroll Human Resources and Payroll

Sales Prospecting Sales Prospecting

Sales Order Processing Sales Order Processing

List of all main features of Adminsoft Accounts List of all Main Features

Special software extension for the autotrade:

AutoManager: Parts, Workshop AutoManager: Parts Sales and Workshop

Special software extension for the retail trade:

CafeManager and ShopManager for the retail trade Cafe/Shop Manager: for Restaurants, Cafes, and Shops

Basic guide for those who know nothing about bookkeeping and accounting.

If you have any questions, please email

Using Adminsoft Accounts, a book my Michael Towle

Free accounts software screen shots

See Adminsoft Accounts in action here: Adminsoft Accounts tutorials on YouTube
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2024-03-28 Thursday: Adminsoft Accounts has been completely free to use since December 2006. In recent years the new Sales Prospecting and Sales Order Processing modules have not been available (in theory…) to those using the software for free ... more
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